• Pactiv Women Workers Demand an End to Retaliation and Forced Overwork

    >Over 100 women workers at Pactiv Corporation’s New Jersey factory – owned by Reynolds Group Holdings and its boss, Graeme Hart – were overworked in sweltering sweatshop conditions.

    >40 Pactiv workers were fired in July 2011 in retaliation for their efforts to stop work ‘speed-ups’ and organize the factory.

    >The workers are not backing down. Join the Pactiv workers to demand the right to a 40-hour work week and the right to say NO to forced overtime!

NY Daily News: Workers want Costco to stop buying plastic goods from a “sweatshop” plastic company

“A group of activist-workers has a message for Costco: “Stop supporting sweatshops.”  The workers want Costco to stop buying from plastics conglomerate Reynolds, which draws a large portion of its product stock from a subsidiary company called Pactiv. 100 women, all former Pactiv employees, say they were forced to toil, quite literally, in sweatshop conditions … Continue reading

Sat., 7/26, Rally for a Pactiv-free Costco!

NMASS joins workers and students of the Ain’t I A Woman?! Campaign to demand that Costco STOP peddling the sweatshop products of Reynolds Group subsidiary, Pactiv. Pactiv forced Kearny NJ workers to do so much overtime that they became injured and even disabled Pactiv sped up the machines to the point that the women were … Continue reading

Students Organizing Against Reynolds Teach-In: 7/11, 6pm

Reynolds Group Holdings is one of the worst sweatshop companies in the US. Pactiv, a subsidiary of Reynolds, forced workers to do overtime till they were injured or even disabled. Learn how Pactiv’s sweatshop conditions affect us all! Join students who are kicking Reynolds out of their schools and neighborhoods!   TEACH-IN with SOAR & The Killer Coke Campaign Where: Chinese Staff and Workers’ Association 345 … Continue reading

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